That One Chinese Kid 👦🏻

first vlog ever | April 1, 2017

Why do we vlog?

The initial idea why we started vlogging is to document our lives in China via Ian’s Instagram. It was set to just a minute per day because Instagram limits all the videos to just 1 minute.

We then moved from just putting it in Instagram, to sharing them to our Facebook page because we got more responses there.

How did we start?

It was actually a last minute decision. We wanted to start on the first day of any month so our VLOG 01 will be April 01, for example; and we did just that. We just arrived back to Kunming last March 1 and was too busy with settling down back again. April 01 was the perfect day.

What was special about the first vlog?

None actually. It was just a usual day like any other, but this time, we had a mission. And that mission was to document that day through a 1 min video.

Why is there no music?

We wanted the VLOGS to be as raw as possible to get a better feel of the environment we were in, so the first few entries didn’t have any background music. However, later on we did make a few adjustments like adding music as suggested by our friends.

Hence, our first ever vlog. Enjoy! 🙂


THAT ONE CHINESE KID 👦🏻 (first ever vlog!!!)

THAT ONE CHINESE KID 👦🏻 (first ever vlog!!!)Instavlog | April 1, 2017just realized VLOGS 1-10 are missing here in our FB page! 😱all vlogs ➡️

Posted by Ian and Mar on Sunday, July 16, 2017


We have completed 100+ vlogs since, which you can view here under the 1 MIN DAILY VLOGS playlist.

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