Binondo Food Guide : Our 15 Favourite Foods in Chinatown

Manila just finished harsh rains and heavy flooding in the past months. Luckily, we took advantage of the cold weather as living near Binondo made us crave for all things warm, soupy and Chinese.

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If you are unfamiliar with the world’s oldest Chinatown, it is located in the heart of Metro Manila. Locally known as Binondo, overseas Chinese settlers and businessmen moved to the district as early as 1500’s. With thriving businesses still running up until this day, the Filipino-Chinese living in Binondo were able to make a name for themselves, selling the cheapest finds and most authentic Chinese food in Manila.

Frequenting Binondo as often as 3X a week, you bet we know what we’re talking about. The food and restaurants included in the list are based on our firsthand experiences and are arranged in order to show you our personal favourites in the district.

And because every person has different preferences at different times of the day, our own Binondo Food Guide is categorized into 3 : Take Out, Snack Time and Full Meal.



At times when you’re in a rush or when parking is Chinatown is such a fuss (see what we did there), take outs are the way to go!

5. Ho-Land Chinese Delicacies

hopia on a hand
We have not tried the Machang but online it says these are yum!

Address : 551 Yuchengco St, Binondo, Manila

Best seller : Double Pork Machang and Original Mongo Hopia

Ian and Mar recommends : Original Mongo Hopia

4. Diao Eng Chay

chinese food on store table

Address : 845-847 Salazar St, Binondo, Manila

Best seller : Chicken Pie and Iced Coffee

Ian and Mar recommends : Bottled Fresh Avocado Shake and Egg Roll

3. Eng Bee Tin

Address : 628 Ongpin Street Binondo, Manila

Best seller : Mongo Hopia and Ube Hopia

Ian and Mar recommends : Mongo Hopia and Original Tikoy

2. Baker’s Fair

Address : 710 Ongpin St, Binondo, Manila

Best seller : Diced Mongo Hopia and Php 3 Pandesal

Ian and Mar recommends : Diced Mongo Hopia

1. Salazar Bakery

Address : 783 Ongpin St, Binondo, Manila

Best seller : Huat Keh Plain and Almond Jelly

Ian and Mar recommends : Egg Pie and Chiffon Cake



Satisfying snacks for your cravings in the afternoon.

5. Causeway Dimsum

Address : Benavidez cor La Torre St., Masangkay, Manila

Best seller : All their dimsum for Php 55!

Ian and Mar recommends : Steamed Chicken Feet and Tofu Skin Roll

4. Ling Nam Noodle Factory and Wanton Parlor

Address :  616 T Alonzo Streetsanta Cruz, Manila

Best seller : Giant Siopao and Beef Brisket Noodle Soup

Ian and Mar recommends : Beef Wanton Noodle Soup

3. Dong Bei Dumplings

Address : 642 Yuchengco (Nueva) St., Binondo, Manila

Best seller : Pork Dumplings

Ian and Mar recommends : Pork Dumplings (Even if it’s a bit expensive, it tastes exactly the same as what we were eating when we used to live in China!)

2. New Poh Heng

Address : 531 Quintin Paredes Rd, Binondo, Manila

Best seller : Fresh Lumpia

Ian and Mar recommends : Fresh Lumpia

1. Ha Yuan

Address : 1173 Masangkay St, Tondo, Manila

Best seller : Maki Mi

Ian and Mar recommends : Maki Mi and Fresh Taho for Ian, Ginataan for Mar



Got spare time? Dine in and fully enjoy your experience (if you are lucky to find a parking spot). #lovehaterelationship

5. Masuki

Address : 931 Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila

Best seller : Giant Pork Siomai and Beef Brisket Noodle Soup

Ian and Mar recommends : Beef Chicken Noodle Soup

4. Sincerity Restaurant

Address : 497 Yuchengco St, Binondo, Manila (They also have a branch in Lucky Chinatown Mall)

Best seller : Fried Chicken

Ian and Mar recommends : Fried Chicken for Ian, Fried Kikiam for Mar

3. Sio Cha Asian Street Food

Address : 1278 Masangkay St, Tondo, Manila

Best seller : Black and White Gulaman and Roast Duck Rice

Ian and Mar recommends : Lechon Macau Rice

2. Tasty Dumplings

Address : Norberto Ty St, Binondo, Manila (They have a few branches around Binondo)

Best seller : Porkchop Rice

Ian and Mar recommends : Porkchop Rice


1. Waiying Chinese Fast Food

Address : 810 Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila

Address : 832 Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila (our preference)

Best seller : Too many to mention because everything is honestly so good!

Ian and Mar recommends : Sesame Balls (Buchi), Lava Pao, Toasted Asado Mami for Ian; Authentic Hong Kong Milk Tea, Beef Curry, Asado Roll for Mar


And there you have it folks! Whew! Getting hungry while writing this article. 😀

Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below. Happy eating!

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