2016 | Parkour

This is Ian’s own space. Here he will be posting Parkour and Training videos to share with you guys.

First post is his Parkour Around Asia 2016 video, which is basically a compilation of his clips all throughout last year. There were a lot not included because the video might be too long. We did travel for 5 months last 2016 so this sums up where he did some training.

Places include Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, and cities in the US which are San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Training clips in Kunming, China here.

Quick facts about Ian:

  1. He started training parkour back in 2009, in the Philippines.
  2. He did Muay Thai and have won first place in a competition before he started training Parkour.
  3. Parkour gave him a sense of accomplishment because he did not need to win over someone else to gain achievements.

If you do have some questions you would like to ask him, do not hesitate to do so. He is always so helpful. Well, most of the time. 😀

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