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Taiwan Travel Visuals : Places to Visit

After 6 weeks of travel in Taiwan, we’ve visited quite a lot of cities and counties, and done a number of travel guides which you can find here. One thing we never ever forget though, is Ian’s first love – video making. Here’s our Taiwan Travel Visuals video for your viewing pleasure.


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Taiwan Travel Visuals

In the video, you will find places from the northern tip of Taiwan, down to the southern area. Also adding to the list is a group of islands in western Taiwan, that is only reachable by domestic plane. Below is a list of places we visited that are included in the video.

Taipei City

  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
  • Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
  • Xinsheng Park
  • Taipei 101
  • Elephant Mountain (Xiangshan)
  • 228 Peace Memorial Park
  • Yehliu Geopark
  • Jiufen
  • Shifen Old Street
  • Shifen Waterfalls

Nantou County

  • Sun Moon Lake National Scenic
  • Qingjing Farm

Taichung City

  • Xinshe Summit Castle
  • Rainbow Village
  • Meirenli Painted Village

Kaohsiung City

  • Formosa Boulevard MRT Station
  • Central Park
  • Spring and Autumn Pavilion
  • Dragon and Tiger Pagodas
  • Love River

Penghu County

  • Lintou Park and Aimen Beach
  • Waian Fishing Harbor
  • 22 Alleys Cultural and Creative Hotel
  • Erkan Historic Village
  • Yuwengdao Lighthouse
  • Daguoye Columnar Basalt
  • Penghu Great Bridge
  • Equuleus Homestay
  • Penghu Leisure Workshop
  • Tienhou (Mazu) Temple
  • Waian Wenwang Temple
  • Jinghai Temple
  • Xiying Rainbow Bridge


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Extra Information

Taipei City

chiang kai shek memorial hall with people
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei

Not all locations in Taipei are reachable by public transport. The far away ones that need to have pre-booked shuttle services are Yehliu, Jiufen and Shifen. The rest are within the city and area easily reachable.

Nantou County

For Nantou County, it’s best if you book a private vehicle coming from Taichung. It’s only 2 hours max away, and cannot be reached through public transport. There are no trains or buses that run from Taichung to Nantou.

Taichung City

man doing a backflip
Rainbow Village, Taichung

Taichung City is a bustling city but smaller than Taipei. The 3 places listed above are not near each other. You can take a taxi though, or hire a private car. From any 2 of the 3 places, do allot 1 hour max for your travel time. Detailed Taichung Travel Guide here.

Kaohsiung City

The southern most city we visited is Kaohsiung City. The train system is easily one of the most developed in Taiwan so public transport is not a problem. You can take a train, and probably transfer to a bus to reach all the places we went to in Kaohsiung.

Penghu County

white lighthouse with girl
Yuwengdao Lighthouse, Penghu

Having to fly from Taipei, Penghu County is a destination not really famous with the tourists yet. We took a 50-min domestic flight from Taipei, and once in Penghu, we transferred to a private car that took care of us during our 3 full days. Public transport is next to nothing so you really have to pre-plan everything in Penghu. Detailed Penghu Travel Guide here.

More photos of our Taiwan trip in our Facebook album.

Special thanks to Save Money in Taiwan for sponsoring parts of our trip.

We did not receive any payment to publish this article. All photos and words are our own.

Did our video make you wanna visit Taiwan? Which city is your favourite?

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31 Replies to “Taiwan Travel Visuals : Places to Visit

  1. Yes, your video did make me want to visit Taiwan. I’m disappointed in myself because I visited Taiwan years ago and didn’t get near this much experience from the trip. Of course, those were the years before fabulous travel blogs and vlogs like yours. Also, the video quality is so professional! Very impressive.

  2. Loved watching your Taiwan Travel Visuals video. I should admit I never thought about Taiwan as a travel destination. Taiwan has never been on my radar (I don’t know really why ?) but now I feel like I definitely need to go 😉

  3. Great Video I really enjoyed Sun Moon Lake and the drone footage. Its very beautiful and much of Taiwan looks very crowded. I have yet to visit and this is a great overview.

  4. I stopped in Taiwan on a layover but couldn’t leave the airport. Would so love to explore the country and use your suggestions. I’m a big fan of public transportation but knowing that you need to hire a shuttle to get to some of the more remote locations is gold. Thanks for all the work.

  5. Great video, I love your editing it’s making me want to pack my bags and visit now! Taiwan seems like such a marvellous destination. I also love that photo of the rainbow village, so colourful!

    1. After visiting the country and meeting locals, it’s really one of our top 3 most favourite countries in the world. The Taiwanese are the absolute kindest people ever!

  6. I’ve never been to Taiwan, but Penghu County sounds very interesting. I like places that are less touristy 🙂 Good tip about hiring a private car since there is barely any public transport.

  7. I want to visit Taiwan ever since I met someone from there. Heard so much about Taipei. Beautiful photos. You inspired me to check for flights to Taiwan and visit my friend 🙂

  8. Your video really captures the vibrance of Taiwan. You have amassed quite the list of places to check out, but I can see why. The differences in architecture, street art, foliage, and cultural centers are just stunning, and with train travel making most places fairly accessible, visiting a large portion of the region seems doable.

  9. Very well made video. Loved Taiwan and I absolutely echo the comment above..Don’t know why Taiwan was not in my bucket list so far! Your posts make me want to visit now 🙂

    1. Our first visit to the country is because we have a friend traveling there. We didn’t realize the country itself is the only reason needed for us to come over. So sad we waited this long before visiting but at least we did because Taiwan so lovely!

  10. Wow that video is amazing! I’ve never thought of Taiwan as a destination before but it looks fascinating to me now – thank you!

  11. Wow I really love that video! I want to start learning to do videos like that because I love them! Any tips on getting started? Seems like videos are so hard! I love how you cptured the essence of the city. Great Job!

  12. Taiwan looks so spectacular in your professionally made video. Beautiful nature, awesome architecture and nice people. It would be nice to visit someday. Thanks for sharing!

  13. So many great places to visit! I have only stopped in Taiwan en route to other Asian destinations but I know I have to dedicate time to visit the island. Your video is so awesome! Love the rainbow village and the big waterfalls! Such a beautiful place!

  14. Very inspiring video! It sounds like Taiwan is hard to get around by public transport if I understood your post right. I”d love to visit.

    1. It depends on which city. Taipei transportation is super convenient while Penghu is different as it’s a very remote island. There are no trains and buses as it’s very small. Everyone drives to get around.

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