Taipei Songshan airport at night

Taipei Songshan Airport to Taoyuan International Airport

taipei airport sign
Taipei Songshan Airport to Taoyuan International Airport

Taipei Songshan Airport is a rather newer airport compared to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. This article will help you transfer from Taipei Songshan Airport to Taoyuan International Airport, in case you need to do so.

Songshan Airport, compared to Taoyuan Airport, is smaller but in my opinion, more convenient if you are heading to downtown Taipei. It will only cost TWD 40 and is just a few stations away from Ximen MRT Station, which is where Ximending Shopping District is located.

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Taipei Songshan Airport information counter

For this year’s holidays, Ian’s family planned a trip to Taiwan for 5 days. So from Kunming, where we currently reside in China, we had a layover before flying to Taipei. We landed in Songshan but had to transfer to Taoyuan because Ian’s family is arriving there from Manila. Read below to see what we gathered.

airport map
Songshan Airport Map

Quick facts:

  1. From Songshan Airport, there are 2 ways to reach Taoyuan Airport : by BUS or by MRT.
  2. By BUS – will take you 1 hour and will cost TWD 125 per person.
  3. By MRT – will cost TWD 200 in total ($40 to Taipei Main Station and $160 to continue to Taipei Taoyuan Airport) per head.
  4. There are no free shuttle buses from these 2 airports.
  5. Earliest train leaves Songshan at 04:30 am.
  6. Last train at 22:45.
people on a bus stop
Bus Stop 6

How to get there:

  1. Upon stepping out from Songshan Airport, look for BUS STOP 6.
  2. Prepare TWD 125 because the bus doesn’t give any change.
  3. Take Bus number 1840.
  4. At about an hour, you will reach Taipei Taoyuan Int’l Airport.
  5. The bus stops at both Taoyuan Terminal 1 and 2, make sure you know which terminal you are heading to.
bus stop with people waiting at night
Bus Stop 6 at Songshan Airport
bus schedule list
bus departure schedule
bus stop signboard information
Songshan Airport bus information
bus schedule signboard
closer look
Additional information:
  1. Bus 1840 is pretty well equipped with free WiFi and an individual USB charger on each seat.
  2. The bus is also wheelchair accessible which is a 2 thumbs up!
  3. When you arrive in Taoyuan Airport but are at the wrong terminal or missed your, taking the Sky Train is free in between the 2 terminals.
  4. However, if you do decide to take the MRT for your own reasons, you can take the train to Taipei Main Station, and continue on to Taipei Taoyuan Airport.
free wifi banner ad in chinese
free wifi, no roaming number required
usb charger on chair
individual USB charger for each seat
wheelchair accessible bus
wheelchair accessible
public bus interiors and seats
bus interior and seats

Taipei Songshan Airport to Taoyuan International Airport

Over all, everything was pretty conveninent and we surely have no complaints with the ride.

asian couple in taiwan
finally in Taipei, on visa-free trial for Filipinos until July 31, 2018

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