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How Cheap is Bali

Ahhh, Bali. At one point, we even considered moving from China to Bali. Beaches, a wide variety of food choices, activities, shopping and very affordable accommodation, name it – Bali has got them all.

Each visitor though, has different travel standards. Some prefer luxurious, some budget-friendly. We are not over budget-conscious but we like putting good value on what we spend on, while enjoying the most local experience we can get.

And because we like challenges, we put ourselves in one. How much does it actually cost to spend a day in Bali? See below.


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We always stay in The Kubu Hotel when we’re in Bali because of its location and unbeatable price.


street in Bali
a street in Seminyak and Kuta with motorcycle parking on both sides

Rental average price per day is IDR 40K. Please make sure you have a valid motorbike driving license as Bali policemen have checkpoints around the island.


There are a couple of local parks in Bali but we frequent one of the biggest ones which is at Lapangan Puputan Badung. One time we were lucky to have witnessed a festival where locals wore their traditional Balinese outfits while dancing to traditional music.

guy parkour in Bali
screenshot of Ian jumping while the Googlemaps guy took a shot of him
FUN FACT :  As seen above, Ian's parkour photo was included in Googlemaps! 
It just so happened that he was training at the same spot where a Googlemaps guy 
was taking photo updates for Googlemaps.

Is this cool or what!

Click here to see the actual Google photo. And while you're at it, 
rotate the photo view to the opposite side to see me (Mariann) sitting on a ledge.


We are kind of missing China. Do you know we lived in Kunming for 2 years? Find out more about our city in this article. Free video too! (Because you know we love making videos.) <3



balinese food with rice

Warung Indonesia – We chose the dishes that would go with our rice. Our favourite is the shredded spicy chicken.

teh tarik terang bulan

A local foodcourt – A typical dining place that serves the most affordable food. Our favorites are Teh tarik (pulled milk tea) for IDR 10K, and terang bulan (pancake) with chocolate and banana for IDR 17K.

teh tarik with chocolate prata
Not included in our video, but definitely our all-time favourite! We eat here almost everyday!

Warung Bunana – Our favourite snack place serves the most value-for-money snack in the island. Here we ordered iced teh tarik and roti canai with chocolate and condensed milk.


There you have it! Which one got ya wanting to come visit Bali?

Anything other recommendation you need? Ask us below. Till next time! 😉

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