Cooking Class in Hanoi

We visited Hanoi last July 2017 and partnered up with Apron Up for a 3 hour cooking class. The whole course was taught in good English which was awesome and convenient for everybody.

The menu was pretty simple, it’s the best Hanoi has to offer. We went with this 5 course meal:

vietnamese noodles
BÚN CHẢ / grilled pork noodles
pho beef noodles vietnam
PHỞ BÒ / beef noodle soup
fried spring rolls
NEM RÁN / fried spring rolls
NỘM ĐU ĐỦ / green papaya salad
CÀ PHÊ TRỨNG / Egg Coffee
Trip To The Market

Before starting the 3 hour class, our cooking teacher, Zim, brought us first to the local market to buy fresh ingredients we’ll be using. As we walked along, she told us the different kinds of noodles, mint leaves, and other fresh herbs local to Vietnam that we were unfamiliar with but commonly used for cooking.

Zim trying to explain the difference of Bun and Pho to us
on the way to the market

We also did a food tour in Hanoi, around the Old Quarter. Article here.

Cooking Class Starts

The cooking part was very hands on and informative. Techniques to avoid oil splashes while frying spring rolls and ways to keep the pho broth clear even after putting lots of stuff in was also covered by our teacher.

cooking ingredients
cooking class is about to start

We got to eat all the dishes we prepared afterwards. Over-all, the whole experience was a thumbs up because it was only at that time that I learned that Vietnamese cuisine (or Hanoian in particular), only uses 3 major ingredients for majority of their sauces which are: fish sauce, sugar, and water.

foreigners learning how to cook vietnamese cuisine
we were 4 in the class which is way better than a large group

Favorite Dish

You might be wondering which dish I like best, I think just like majority of the people who visit Hanoi, Bun Cha is the top choice. It’s hard to find Bun Cha around Vietnam so I ate Bun Cha everyday! It’s true though, cos once we proceeded to Hue, Hoi An, then to Saigon and Phu Quoc, Bun Cha was almost impossible to be found. Better eat all the Bun Cha you can while you’re in Hanoi!

Another question we get is how does egg coffee taste like. Well, have you ever tried a tiramisu flavored ice cream or a tiramisu dessert? It tastes exactly like melted tiramisu ice cream for me. I don’t know how I feel about the drink (or dessert, still confused) because it’s neither cold nor hot too. Still don’t know upto now if it should be a perfect ending to a meal. When you’ve tried it, let us know how it goes for you.


If you’d like to know more about how the day went, we made a video about it.

Hanoi Cooking Class

Not quite sure what to do in Hanoi, Vietnam? Try a cooking class!Book here: by: here: by ukiyo – home (feat. herbi)

Posted by Ian and Mar on Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Our menu of choice was pretty standard of what is very common in Hanoi. You can customize your own from Apron Up‘s selection of dishes as well. Private or group classes are both available too. They’re pretty flexible and the owner, Nga, responds pretty quickly if you message her in their Facebook page.

foreigners wearing vietnamese hat
my brother Marco and myself

Apron Up Cooking Class

• 66 Bat Su Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

• 32 USD/Person/Group Tour on average

• basic itinerary: trip to the market, cook, and eat!


Want to book the same cooking class we did? Or how about going on a food tour?

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Disclaimer : By booking through us, it won’t cost you more but it we will get a tiny bit of commission to help us create more content and videos for you guys. Thanks for the support!

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