About Us

Hey there! Thanks for checking in.

We are Ian and Mar, a 29 yr old couple, who are in love with travel and discoveries.

We are both from the Philippines, left the country last 2011 for Singapore, worked there for a couple of years. Come 2015, we left Singapore for China, to pursue learning Mandarin.

Early 2018, we left China to go back to our motherland and travel around the Philippine islands.

Oh by the way, Ian dropped on his knee last March 2014 and finally after having a very long engagement, we got married on November 2016. Hooray!

Quick Facts about us:

girl in black swimwear


  • I love traveling more than Ian.
  • The first thing I look for when visiting a new country is local milk tea.
  • Nepal is my favourite country.
  • Food is my weakness and strength (second to Ian).
  • Ian’s video consultant.




  • Would trade Travel for Parkour.
  • The first thing I look for when visiting a new country is parkour spots for training.
  • One of my goals is to hike Mt. Everest with my wife.
  • I shave my own head since 2013.
  • I love my wife more than anything. Can’t live without her.


Right now, we are working hard on our website to give you information on how our life and travels go by.

photo at Incheon airport, heading to the US for our honeymoon

See you around!